Church Family Night

In Acts 2:42 we read about the early church and the type of close knit community they had developed. They devoted themselves to a few things, teaching, fellowship, prayer, and the breaking of bread. At LifeSong we plan events designed to build that close knit community.

COVID-19 UPDATE: In an effort to be in compliance with Health Canada recommendations regarding limiting the spread of the coronavirus and protection of our community, all Family Nights will be POSTPONED until further notice. But, church can look a lot of different ways! Keep an eye out here and on our facebook page for various ways of how we will connect in the days ahead! In the midst of change and uncertainty the CHURCH remains the church! "yet it did not fall, for it had been founded on the Rock." Matthew 7:25


The activities at family night rotate from teaching, prayer meetings, and fellowship (anything from shared meals to a walk in a park). Each week will be different, but the purpose is the same, to be the biblical Church family we see in the Bible. This is a night for everyone, babies to seniors, families, youth, single people, everyone is welcome. 

Family night is held on Tuesdays at 6:30pm.