What are our values?

We value God. He's the key to everything else.

We value each other. Church shouldn't be a show, or an event, or an institution, it's a community. More importantly it's a family, God's family.

We value you. God made you and gave His son for you. That makes you worth a lot as far as we're concerned.

We value the scripture. The Bible is a remarkable book that is relevant to today's world. It is the foundation of our understanding of God, our selves and life as a whole.

We value truth. Yes, there really is truth, not just perspectives. And truth, real truth, sets people free.

We value life. God gave life and blessed us with His own presence, and so when we live in God's presence we find life to the fullest.

We value simplicity. We don't believe things have to be overly complicated in order to be great. Our services and our activities are deliberately simple. We think it's refreshing.